How much does a logo design cost in the world and Ocoda?

How much does a logo design cost in the world and Ocoda?

Not only the cost of designing a logo, but always asking about any service about the price, 99% of people care about the prices of services and whether they can afford it or not, and for logo design and design services in general, you do not find the appropriate estimate, although it is a very popular currency in the field of marketing and promotion For products and services, especially because people are attracted to visual content more than other types of content, and because the logo in particular is of an essential nature in brand marketing, the design of the logo in particular can become the most expensive in the process of visual identity design in general, and now the time has come to understand what it is The natural cost of logo design.

Why is the logo design cost so expensive?

Most of the time people are surprised, why do people pay tens of thousands for a simple symbol or drawing, well it is really difficult to understand, especially since there is no waste of large materials, not heavy industries that cost tons of raw materials, tens and maybe hundreds of workers, as well as the cost of transportation and shipping, operation, power, etc., but the cost of designing a logo, doesn’t seem to match the end product, people see a digital file, an icon in your social media page or on a banner above your store, and they ask you… How did you pay all that money for just an icon? If the designer worked on it, it will work for a maximum of 5 days, so is it worth all this cost?

In fact, it is really worth it, because logo design comes from behind it several years of education and gaining experience, failure and success until the designer reached a stage of professionalism to complete a logo in 5 days, so the cost of creativity, experience and learning may be low compared to the scarcity of professional designers

Why is logo design worth the cost?

You may not imagine that a good logo can take you to the next level in business and investment, and these are the most prominent benefits that can come to you from logo design.

Brand growth

A professional logo designed with expert hands and a creative mindset can attract customers to you, and create the best first impression, thus giving you a strong start. A cheap logo can also create a cheap impression of your brand and instill in the customer’s mind that your products are as bad as the logo, the trust you want from your customer He won’t give you shabby or poorly executed mantras, he will give you money, time, and loyalty in exchange for feeling safe with you.

Attracting the target group

Well, now it’s a little different, when you say you have a fancy dress atelier that costs hundreds and maybe thousands of banknotes, anyway, do you want your logo to be a poor sketch of a woman in a boring old fashion dress? Will that appeal to your target segment? We don’t think, maybe it will never attract anyone, but with a creative professional logo, your audience will feel that this is the right place to buy dresses from, so the cost of designing an expensive logo matches your audience that you want to attract to you.

The crown of the visual identity

People are attracted to visual content much more than textual content. It can happen subconsciously without realizing your attraction. For example, you go to print in a printing press with a better name than a printing press without a name and there is nothing to indicate it, on a larger scale… The printing press with a logo Visually attractive, has a great identity and colors, it will be more attractive to you than those without a logo and without colors, the first will stick in your mind and the second will be forgotten, there is no doubt that you are building your company’s reputation, and enhancing your brand, and as long as you will initially spend on the headquarters and the work team, the logo is one of the most important Marketing stages.

Take care of your unique logo

You can now go to your relative who is good at designing with one of the free tools available on the Internet, he will do it in half an hour, as soon as you drink the coffee, it will be finished, and he will see that he has done you a favor, but the truth is that this logo is a copy of tens if not hundreds or Thousands have the same logo, maybe the same colors, because these tools are as you have them are available to others, and everyone doesn’t want to pay, which means that you will become like many cheap and duplicate brands for the customer, and the unique logo indicates your uniqueness also in the services you provide Or the products that you sell, and with regard to copyright, you can sue anyone who imitates your own logo, which was implemented by a professional and creative designer for you, as for other logos .. you may find someone to sue you!

The cost of designing a logo is expensive, but it’s cheap!

The title of this paragraph is a little confusing, how can a logo be so expensive and so cheap at the same time? Well, compared to the decades in which your professional logo has increased in importance, and becomes a great symbolic value for your wonderful brand, a feeling of trust and security among your loyal customers, and with its increasing value over time, you know that what you paid for it at the time and it was expensive at the time, is in fact… cheap for Because of its great impact, which increases with time, and the professional designer tests the logo on all uses and makes sure that it is suitable for printing, placing it on social media pages, or making it a stamp, invoice or envelope, while the cheap logo is never the case.

Now of course you have the choice, either you pay a lot for a big impact, or you pay a little, and reap the regrets later.

How much does a professional logo design cost?

The cost of designing a professional logo all over the world ranges from $0 to tens of thousands (hundreds in some cases and maybe millions), these crazy numbers may make you hate the designers (a few get tens of thousands and the rest are not) (colleague designers deserve Pity they are. As well as content writers like me) As for the professional logo design, it can range between 300 to 1500 dollars, and this is the minimum level of professionalism, of course, and prices vary according to each person’s appreciation for his work and creativity.

Under $300 you can use the online Logo Maker tools, it can be completely free (check your cousin above), it can also be designed for you by a print shop technician, a person sitting in a stationery store, an art student in his first year of study, even higher… you will deal with professional designers, and at the intermediate and above-average level the issue will reach 3000 dollars.

As for the cost of designing a logo that exceeds $ 3000, you will deal with a designer who has 20 years of experience, for example, and who has logos for major brands in his portfolio.

How much does a professional logo design cost in Ocoda?

If you were shocked by the previous prices, that’s why we are here, Ocoda Design offers competitive prices, does not give up on quality, tries to compare the lowest price that can be given to the highest quality in logo design, and constantly offers discounts always, in case you have any projects for different types of designs, feel free to contact Ocoda and learn more about our price packages suitable for all budgets.

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