Logo design colors. How do you convey your brand messages?

Logo design colors… How do you convey your brand messages?

Logo design colors do not come randomly, they are not used by chance, we do not exclude one color and take another based on the general mood of the designer or business owner, it is completely different from coloring in the drawing class in the primary stage, – and even that is not completely arbitrary either – but the point is that the colors of the logo design Logos come after study, analysis and deep understanding, and that the preference of one color over the other is determined by many determinants, and in the end, the creative touch comes and employing these colors to produce a unique artwork, which serves as an interface for the brand, and its gateway to the hearts and minds of the target audience, and captures the attention of customers, and now let us We talk extensively about the importance of colors in logo design, and why these colors have become an essential element in the logo, as the use of this color is good and professional, while the use of this color indicates unprofessionalism?

Logo Design Colors & Psychology

We often hear those colors have different effects on our feelings and behaviors, and that affect our mood and interaction with those around us. We say that yellow brings joy, and this is because yellow is related to the sun, which is the source of brightness and warmth, while green is a calming factor. Because it is the color of nature, plants and grass, but are these revelations mandatory? Is it useful in the marketing and design process? Is it a myth?

Research indicates that colors do indeed have an impact on consumers’ behavior, not completely, that is, they are not the only factor responsible for making a purchase decision or not, but it is one of the most important and indispensable of these factors, so we will discuss in the following lines the relationship of each color to consumer behavior and what are the messages that each of these colors sends.

The Red

Are you now thinking of the CNN logo, or Netflix, or did you think of the Coca-Cola logo? These are really logos stuck in the mind despite their simplicity and lack of complexity, you may remember them about the CNBS logo filled with colors, usually red indicates excitement, do you not see that these aforementioned brands offer excitement in different concepts, whether it is a streaming network that promises you excitement in its films and series.

Or a news channel that promises to live up to your expectations in conveying exciting facts, behind the scenes of politics and world news, or a soft drink, the latest shift in the field of beverages, in addition to the excitement comes the passion associated with the shape of the heart or the red rose, as well as anger, and because you can feel passion and anger too, so The red one of his most important messages is excitement, passion, anger.

Scientists believe that the first color that children distinguish after black and white is red, and the reason behind this is that our ancient ancestors were able to develop the skill of distinguishing this color to facilitate seeing the ripe fruits on trees during hunting trips, and accordingly, cravings came to be associated with the color red, so it is not surprising that you find most restaurants especially Fast food uses red as one of its main colors (How many restaurants have jumped in your mind right now?). Thank you.


Of course, I heard the absurd question whether the first was the fruit of the orange, or the color orange? You should know that orange follows red directly in the logo design, because it is easy to distinguish in crowds, note that many countries use illuminated orange signs to alert at bus and subway stations, to make it easy to distinguish, and because it is easy to distinguish in crowds, it is also directed to the largest group of consumers Because it’s an easily recognizable color, if your brand is luxurious, targeting an A-class, it won’t be a good fit.

Orange is the color of freshness, orange signifies spring, which means prosperity and tends to be fun as well.


The yellow color in the logo design suggests the message of affection that the brand emits, a bridge it builds between it and the customer, based on energy and renewal, yes energy and renewal in particular, the sun shines every day, which means renewal, we take energy and warmth from it, energy (vitamin D), solar energy, and electricity It is the sun that guides our lives, and because it is old, it also conveys a hint of maturity, it can be used by prestigious or luxury brands.

The yellow color is present in our lives in the best form in all its layers. It is in the ears of wheat where food and life continuity, and it is present in corn where it is health and vitality.

The higher the density of gold, the more it reflects the luxury associated with the precious metal.

The green

Green depends on cultural association, according to the importance of color in the culture of the target audience, but globally, the green color in logo design, especially with the current great interest in environmental issues and global warming, the brands that are considered eco-friendly are those who use green as a primary color in their logos. Because it is the color of greenery, plants and grass, and it indicates recovery and vitality.

However, with regard to the issue of the cultures we mentioned above, green indicates extreme wealth in the United States of America, for example, because it is the distinctive color of the dollar, the most important and heaviest currency in the world. It is also associated in some cultures with death because it is related to the poisonous arsenic coating that has Similar stories in causing the death of some (the place is narrow to mention these stories now).

Logo design colors. How do you convey your brand messages?

Blue in colors logo design

Blue has several connotations, as it is related to the color of the sky (or so we see the color of the sky) as well as the color of the seas and oceans. Nevertheless, it is calm and relaxing, and is associated with complete serenity.

With the exception of restaurants, the blue color is the color of confidence, reliability and classicism. It is anti-energy, regenerative, fun, and accompanying other stark colors, so it is suitable for places that want to appear ancient.

The black

The title of black luxury, yes, it is, if you target the economic classes, and offer prices that target the larger audience, then black will not help you, your target audience will move away from you, but if you want to target the A class, then black will be what you are looking for.

Black is in contrast to colors like purple or orange, black is an expression of darkness, and light for the consumer is to know what he will pay, and darkness is to incur a cost he cannot afford, which means… you should stay away from black as long as you target audiences in the economic category ,.. As for luxury, luxury and customers willing to pay thousands, the black will be your goal.

The white

White is the neutral color, in logo design it is a little different. it reflects this neutrality but, in another way, it signifies cleanliness, transparency, lightness, white sometimes means childhood, it is against maturity, it may even tend to discover, cautious business, which has Boldness of children sometimes, too, is purity in its prime.


We were together in a quick review of the importance of logo design colors and their psychological impact, and for more you can now talk extensively about your logo design, feel free to contact Ocoda, and let’s discuss your logo design.

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