How does designing a bond for your company affect your business?

How does designing a bond for your company affect your business?

How does designing a bond for your company affect your business?

1 year ago
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Business owners may think that designing bonds for their business is not important, they can replace it with ready-made templates, because we have already spent a lot on billboards and online advertising, paying for SEO, filling company pages on social media platforms, and all those things that the public sees.

What will force him to design receipts and bills, bills and things that not everyone will see? This does not seem logical to someone who thinks this way, but the reality says the exact opposite.

The reality says that this is a mistake, not designing invoices, coupons, bonds, etc., is not a luxury but an indispensable necessity, as it consolidates the identity of the brand and is devoted to the position and strength of the company, and it is not logical to spend thousands if not tens of thousands on advertising and marketing, and in the end, use bonds Cheap material and design.

Now, before we talk about how to design receivable and exchange bonds, we will talk about their importance.

4 reasons why bond design is important

There are many reasons for you to design bonds instead of relying on the usual templates, which are sold in stationery stores, and we will now mention about 4 reasons why you should be interested in designing professional bonds for your company:

1- Professionalism:

Bonds are usually related to financial transactions, which is essentially a very sensitive matter, and therefore people want to feel reassured about their money, whether it is owed or that they have to pay, and therefore it is a professional principle that you design the Receipt and Disbursement Bonds with your corporate identity with your logo and intentional colors.

2- Design:

People usually want to see something beautiful, so the professional worker comes right after the professional, because this will create a good impression on those who read this document and feel the interest of this company or this store in simple things and bring them out in the fullest and most beautiful picture.

3- Emphasis on visual identity:

Now you can surround your customers, display the logo, colors, fonts, etc., and solidify the visual brand identity, you already have this opportunity and push the identity to its maximum practices, do not miss this opportunity, and let everything stop you from this step, which will inevitably enhance the confidence in your brand more and more, and it will fuel Sincerity of your customers.

4- Customer appreciation:

One of the most important things that can be done in this regard is for your customers to feel appreciated and respected and that you have spent, and spent the trouble, effort and time in order for your customers and dealers to obtain bonds designed in an aesthetic, attractive and creative style.

Having talked about the importance of bond design, we will now talk about the steps needed for design.

7 tips for designing professional bonds for your company

Now we talk about the steps to follow when designing bonds, and the reader will ask are there also rules for bonds? These are written in what book? The truth is that there are actually no rules for the design of bonds, as long as we take into account the general rules of design, and as long as it achieves its purpose, which is to consolidate the brand, and make the customer feel professional, and this is the first rule in the design of bonds, and here is an explanation with the rest of the rules.

1- Be professional

In theory and practice there is no difference between the receivable and bill of exchange, in which a fellow designer took two shifts to execute it perfectly, and the voucher book printed on a ready-made template, which you buy cheaply from the stationery store.

But on an advanced level of feeling, as well as in the business world, things are a little different. Professionalism here is that these bonds are evidence of your interest in the details of your entire business, and follow the most accurate output produced by your brand, and this will make the impression of your company that it is large and important.

2- Make the data clear

Professional bond design doesn't mean you stray from its primary function, which is to be securities, bonds don't have to be a festival of color, fonts, and graphics, and bonding to identity doesn't mean treating it like a billboard for your company on a highway, or design in A funded advertisement on Instagram, and the format of the bonds must be taken into account so that their data is clear, as the design should not cover the data and obscure important numbers and information, so the design will be bad no matter how much effort is made in it, and creativity is poured into it.

3- Mention the name of the customer

In the receipt and disbursement bonds, be distinguished in mentioning the name of your company and the company to which the bonds are addressed, or the person. It is like a formal letter that contains the data of the required or owed amount, and it contains other information such as the sub-account, date, classification, treasury, etc., but what will be seen by those who will receive the invoice as well Where were these bonds issued?

4- Show gratitude to your customer

Bonds may be tough. You don't care too much about who you'll bump into, as long as it does its job, which is to finish the transaction, but it will have a resounding effect if you use it for this purpose while showing gratitude to your customer, especially since there are not many who play in these deserted areas.

This will create a great emotional bond between the customer and your company, with a very simple sentence such as: "We appreciate your trust in us, thank you for your efforts", or a sentence appropriate to the nature of your business and the nature of the recipient of the bond.

5- Make bonds simple and standard

Bonds usually do not have a lot of creativity, and you are not required to make it a surrealistic painting, and it is preferable that it be simple, clear, and standard. This does not mean that it should be traditional, but that the touches you put on it be simple, effective, and the effect is great, and there are many the bond models are already standard, understandable and clear, and the usual sequence of data is highly adhered to.

6- Don't give up your identity

As we mentioned that the main purpose of designing receivable and exchange bonds is to express your visual identity for your company or your brand, and therefore to choose a specific design because it is more beautiful or more eye-catching, or its colors you like more, because here you lost the purpose of designing it, and there is no big difference between this the choice is between buying a bond book at a stationery store, so stick to your visual identity.

7- Deal with a suitable design company

Finally, you can deal with a professional design company that makes you reach your business goals, as this company must have the team that has experience in designing invoices, receipts, bonds and all these internal products for companies, they are not only interested in commercial ads, direct advertising and social media designs, and therefore you have to Ask the right place to design your corporate bonds.

At Ocoda we are capable of bond design, as we are experts in designing all brand identity components, feel free to contact us and let us discuss your next design.