Privacy Policy


At Ocoda, a design and marketing services company, we understand your concerns and interest in the Privacy of your data. Therefore, we have prepared this policy to help you understand the nature of the data we collect from you when you interact with us and how we handle this personal data.


Our privacy policy refers to the confidentiality agreement of the information we collect and how we protect our users' personal information. It is of utmost importance to maintain your rights and Privacy. We do not care about any personal information of a specific person, but we collect personal information from those who wish to use our services.

Our privacy policy at Ocoda for design and marketing services includes the following:


  • Commitment to confidentiality, where we pledge not to disclose confidential information related to the client, limit its use to execute the agreed-upon services and handle and process it in good faith and for the smoothest operation.
  • Your transaction and activity information with Ocoda's services will record for future reference.
  • We may collect additional information from you during phone calls or interviews to refer to in case of providing information or a dispute over one of the agreement terms.
  • We guarantee that your service is unique and exclusive and has no use with any other client.
  • May use your data and information in the case of the sale of Ocoda, any of its subsidiaries, or its commercial assets. In addition, we may disclose your personal information to a potential buyer to continue the company's activities.
  • Disclosure of information in legal cases, where we may disclose the content of the confidentiality we have pledged in case of a judicial ruling from the regulatory authorities of the kingdom to disclose it in compliance with the court's ruling and to abide by its provisions. In such cases, we pledge to notify you of the disclosure to the extent allowed in announcing the confidentiality content.


If you have any questions or concerns about collecting and using your personal information, please contact us or email us at ".