10 ways to design brochure for a company or restaurant 2022

10 ways to design brochure for a company or restaurant 2022

10 ways to design brochure for a company or restaurant 2022

1 year ago
Tags :  10 ways to design brochure for a company or restaurant 2022

An effective and well-executed brochure design works for companies' success, as it educates readers, increases brand credibility, and attracts more potential customers and motivates them to make a purchase or request a service.

For designers, a lot of ideas are in your head right now. You want to highlight your design talents and skills, but you should also keep in mind the nature of the business and the importance of fitting your brochure with brand goals.

While marketing is now focused largely on digital marketing or through social media and the Internet, traditional printed means remain in great demand. Therefore, in this article, we will shed light on the top 10 ways to prepare a brochure for a company or restaurant, collected by the most prominent experts in the field of design and marketing, As per the market highlights of 2022, are you ready? Let's go.

10 ways to make an attractive brochure

We first talk about ideas and ways to inspire you to design an attractive brochure and then take a quick look at the top tips in a nutshell on designing an attractive brochure.

1- Bold fonts with bright colors

Designers are currently heading to design a brochure by mixing bright colors with large fonts, thus returning to the most popular and guaranteed option as well, which is to attract the customer through eye-catching colors, fonts and texts, such as: “Read this now” to force the customer to browse, then he can be attracted through colors and fonts that convey company messages.

2- Colors to organize texts

It is possible not to distract the reader by placing dark colored backgrounds in geometric shapes such as squares, and leaving interstitial spaces on light-colored backgrounds. The challenge here is that you must convey your important messages in these small interstitial spaces, and the more concise the texts the more you will attract your customer, because people They don't like to read a lot, and as long as you can write less words to convey more information the better.

3- Typography as a main element

Your brand messages can be conveyed in the most obvious way, which is using typography. Large dark fonts can be used to ensure complete clarity of your message. In this method, colors and illustrations are used less, and fonts can be made larger if you want to raise awareness about a serious issue and want to send messages Powerful and deep in impact, it's even better when you use light fonts when you want to convey fun and cheerful messages.

4- Graphics and images

One of the most popular ways to design a brochure is to add illustrations and images, especially when you have a lot of content that you want to increase focus and attract the reader to see it completely, especially if these images and symbols are compatible with your brand identity, they are easy to direct the reader to the sequence of your messages, and once you finish reading The brochure will fully understand what you want to convey, and if the images are exclusive to you, which means that they were taken specifically for your brand, company or restaurant, the more original your brochure will be.

5- Statistics and graphs

As long as you want to promote your brand with a brochure, you can add seriousness and accuracy to your company by making it look informative, using the power of data to get people to respect it, and designing statistics and graphs that contribute to conveying messages in the best possible way and away from marketing exaggerations.

6- Contrast to show content

Using color contrast can make your content more visible and your reader understand your messages in attractive text faster and more clearly Use hierarchy and complementary colors to create visually powerful designs that leave an aesthetic impression on your reader and feel the value of organization and consistency in your brand.

7- Harmonious Visual Elements

The designer must realize that the design of a brochure, whether it contains a fold, two folds, or three folds, is a single design that is distributed, which means that each element in it must complement the other, harmonious with it, and consistent with the visual concept or the final idea, and therefore A combination of illustrations and images can be used, leading to the strong value you want to highlight, you can tell a story with your own great design, of course you can.

8- Clear sections

An entire brochure can be built solely on categorization. When you place the content under clear sections with a neutral background in color that clarifies the content and creates contrast, you've served the brand with a well-coordinated, well-organised, and easy-to-read brochure design. A great designer of course loves to showcase their skills and create impressive artwork, But the first purpose should be to promote brand messages, not promote designer skills.

9- Attractive pictures

Images from stock image platforms can be used to attract your customer. Of course, it is known that visual content is what attracts people the most, so simple retouching of images can be done to match identity and brief content that gives the opportunity for images to express the brand, and the appropriate background, we can say “Congratulations, You have a nice and appropriate brochure."

10- Visual symbols

Like visual cues and their importance, red can be a sign of danger and the necessity to stop, green indicates traffic and thus permitting that results in relief, these psychological effects of visual cues in our lives can be used to create a brochure that psychologically affects your readers, can play with your customers to make them more connected to your brand business, by knowing their psychological entrances, and then directing them to what is beneficial to them.

Top 7 tips for designing an attractive brochure

1- Keep it simple

Tired of repeating the advice of simplicity? Yes, we will always choose simplicity and favor it against complexity, and the job of a professional designer is to design an attractive and simple brochure at the same time.

2- Know your goal

Before you start designing, because we started with the methods, each method fits a specific goal, so know your goal to know the best method for your design.

3- Know more about texts and images

You have to know the texts and how many images the client wants so that you know how many folds you will design, as well as the appropriate sizes so as not to cause crowding in the design or in adding content.

4- Don't use too many fonts

The customer can have his own brand identity and therefore the approved font, so don't bother looking for a font that no one has written before, you can choose the "appropriate" font, not the unique font.

5- Make the cover attractive

Well, in all cases, make the cover eye-catching and force the reader to open the brochure and read its content. Focus whatever you want on the cover because it is the gateway to your design.

6- Use high quality images

If you are going to upload images from stock photo sites or the client will send you their own images, they must be of high quality, believe me. A brochure with poor images that becomes less visible with printing, is detrimental to the brand in the long run.

7- White space

White space can be used as part of the design as well, it's always used to relax the reader's eye and at the same time highlight the content and the rest of the elements, but in any case make it consistent with the design and part of it is not interfering with it.

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