7 ideas about digital identity and its importance for companies

7 ideas about digital identity and its importance for companies

7 ideas about digital identity and its importance for companies

1 year ago
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Sometimes we hear the term digital identity, which is a somewhat strange term because it has more than one meaning, it may come in the sense of proving ownership of an official page or website for an organization, and these have competent authorities granting it, and it may come from a software side as well, but in the world of marketing and advertising, there is a definition for the digital identity, we will talk about it in the following lines, and we will start with the definition.

What is a digital identity?

Digital identity is the way or methodology in which your business appears on the Internet, because if marketing has several ways, the digital presence will be the most prominent, especially in the current era, in which social media platforms, websites and e-commerce dominate our lives, there is no doubt that the digital presence of activity Business on the Internet also requires experts and specialists who can push projects forward through certain ways, which can increase the percentage of profits and draw the attention of Internet users to them.

Digital identity includes social media posts and website blogs, and it also branches out to include positioning on Google Maps, reviews on search engines, ads via search engines, ads on social media, public relations and fetching posts from famous sites or influencer accounts.

Well, here is a summary of the definition of digital identity, so what is its importance, and why do business owners need it?

The importance of digital identity

Usually, people now have a need for certain goods and are looking for a way to buy them, or they have a problem and are looking for a service provider to solve this problem for them, what should they do? Either they will ask on their social media pages, or they will search Google for what they need or the service they want, and now it's your turn.

Unless you have a digital identity, this means that you do not exist as a choice for these people and that your products or services that you offer are forgotten, and you lose a large if not the largest segment of potential customers because you do not have an effective presence on the Internet or on social media platforms.

What digital identity design does is attract these potential customers by introducing the brand and what you offer, what are the working hours, that is, it creates the right look or image on the Internet for your customers to trust you, as well as attractive content and great designs.

The Internet: Create Your Content So I Can See You

You cannot have a strong online presence without strong content, and here we do not mean just articles or social media posts, but we say that the user experience content on your site or how to write the title on your page on social media is able to make the customer trust you, and enhance your digital presence.

Be confident that you have powerful content that can create impact and make you “visible” to customers, and that can fully define you and your business.

Talk about your experience

Research indicates that 70% of B2B customers do their research before reaching the seller or service provider, and often buy from companies that seem to be the most experienced and the strongest in understanding market requirements, so do not skimp on your digital presence with your expertise, and this is what you make The digital identity, to highlight your role and the role of the founders of the company or business owners in the conduct of business, and put them in a very solid position, able to give them the greatness they deserve, and we are not saying here that you should exaggerate in self-thanks or self-praise, but give the company the image it deserves, And because the marketing objectives behind this point are very important, and they cannot be missed.


Enhance your digital identity on social media

There is no doubt that social media is very important, as a visit to the website may be once, but the visit to social media platforms will be every time, and perhaps it will become every day, your customers will open your pages on social media platforms periodically, they will always follow notifications, and fill the page with interaction, likes and icons hearts.

This will not come out of nowhere, it will only come from a respected digital identity, adding social media designs on one template, and inspiring confidence, consistency and seriousness, and seriousness here does not mean that the style is serious, but seriousness in even the fun must be organized and tidy.

The brand usually creates a dialogue with customers through social media. You can speak on social media for your brand, to consolidate the digital identity more and more, so that it has “functional” features such as walking directions, or introducing services, as well as emotional features, such as enhancing confidence, or drawing brand personality.

Search engines are not just Google

In social media as in search engines, it is about doubling your chances of appearing, through attractive and useful content, as we advise improving search engines by matching the specifications of content and pages to the nature of Google’s crawlers that work to upgrade useful content that is attractive and appropriate for what the audience is looking for, with the procedures that it undertakes Someone called a "SEO Specialist", and it is one of the most important stages of building a digital identity.

The same applies to social media platforms, for example, a person may search for a “collaborative workspace” and you will bring your space to him in the foreground. If you were to ask how this would happen, the answer would be that this is the responsibility of the social media specialist, behind him is the content writer and designer.

Paid advertising is not just an injection of money

At a certain stage, you must rely on advertisements for popularity, and you cannot imagine enhancing your digital identity without advertisements. The current trend is now that paid content is promoting the spread of free content, and it cannot be imagined that there will be paid advertisements all the time, and reliance only on regular free content Looks like it's not working, so what now?

 It should not be so reliant on advertisements for any solution it will reach its audience.

The content and design must be the best, it must attract the user to browse the page or the entire site, in order to get the most benefit from paid ads, you have to create the best content and the best designs and be creative in creating an advertisement that attracts your audience.

What do we offer in Ocoda to enhance your digital identity?

At Ocoda, we pledge to create a distinctive digital identity, with very unique and creative designs, we know that most active users on the Internet spend the bulk of their time browsing social media, and our goal is to pass your business to become one of their daily stations on the social media train, we add professionalism to creativity to experience in marketing let's do the best that can be done to promote your brand.

This comes by developing an appropriate strategy, as we realize that planning based on analysis and study is the basis for any creative process, and therefore we make sure that the design production process is at the highest level, and expresses the brand in the best way.

Do not hesitate to contact the Ocoda design team, because we have the experience that qualifies us to understand the nature of your business, and implement designs that achieve your commercial goals, contact us now and let us discuss your plan for designing a digital identity.