7 types of designers and when to hire them

7 types of designers and when to hire them

7 types of designers and when to hire them

1 year ago
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Designers are types, and we have to realize the importance and place of each of them, when to use one designer and not the other, and so on, even at the level of personal qualities of each designer.

Each designer's portfolio must be able to determine the type that this designer is good at, how he works, and whether it will be soon. From understanding the designs that you want to produce or not, hiring one designer and not hiring another does not mean that there is a defect in the other.

But an advantage of the first is that it is closer to understanding the required designs because it is more experienced in this type, so it will shorten a lot of time and effort as well as it will be higher quality due to His accumulated experience in one aspect of design in particular, and this is what makes us realize that design is a vast canvas, hardly a person can gather one of its sides, and no one person can master all aspects, even if he works on a lot of projects,

Design is a dynamic field that develops itself every day and moves Moving forward; its techniques are getting more complex in implementation and easy to learn, which makes there an opportunity to enter new members and add expertise to experts, and now that all this introduction, let’s talk about types of designers, which will be a showcase of design types.

Visual identity designer

One of the essential types of designers in the field is those who can design a visual identity for brands, as the visual identity is the visual expression of emotions, messages, and feelings and adjusts the relationship between the company and its target audience, as the visual identity revolves around communicating the personality of the brand and its determinants to the target audience in the best way, Therefore, the designer mobilizes all the visual elements such as images, colors, illustrations, texts, etc. to make the identity stand out and become more distinguished, according to the application guidelines approved by the client. These requirements and the professional foundations to maintain the consistency of the brand’s visual identity products in all its applications, and the designer must possess skills that qualify him for identity design, such as general knowledge of all types of design, and have a vision and creative concepts and the ability to absorb various industries and commercial activities and a mechanism to analyze competitors and understand trends modern.

Advertising and marketing designer

It is pronounced that when we say graphic designer, we think of billboards on the streets or social media designs on pages on social media platforms. This is perhaps the most common design in this period due to the marketing machine devouring designs daily for campaigns and others. The permanent consumption of corporate pages of designs The designer’s skills depends on understanding marketing and its basics to produce attractive designs that can draw consumers’ attention to brands and promote their products.

Perhaps the ability to produce designs that are suitable for print and also suitable for online marketing is one of the essential skills that an advertising designer must have. In addition, he often works with the marketing team and content creators. Therefore he needs excellent communication skills, the ability to solve problems, and work under pressure as designs become Social media is always urgent to catch up with the trend.

Although this is a gateway to enter the design field for new members of this charming profession, whoever can specialize in it will become masters of this aspect, especially with the urgent need for these types of designs.

UI designer

One of the new fields is the design of the user interface for websites, or what is called it short (UI), which is one of the most paid professions for designers. Its job is to design what the user encounters in Internet pages, images, graphics, colors, fonts, and others, whether in a website or an application. On smartphones, the goal is to make the experience easy and at the same time with an aesthetic dimension that attracts the user to the site or application and makes it related to it, and the user interface includes everything on the screen in front of the user. It can interact with it every icon and every button.

UI designers work hand in hand with fellow UX designers, and the third leg of their team is the web developers who write the code to make these graphics and icons that the designers implement.

Accordingly, this type of designer must have a minimum understanding of code and programming languages ​​such as HTML, JavaScript, etc., as well as the importance of having a high sense of team and excellent communication skills.

Publications Designer

Flyers, brochures, and catalogs are the responsibility of the publication's designer, who is the person who can design brochures and catalogs specially prepared for printing, and this type of designer must have sufficient awareness of images, illustrations, drawings, etc.

And all those matters fall under the umbrella of publications design or print designs, so One of the essential features that this type of designer should have is an experience in colors, printing, and types of materials, in addition to a lot of communication skills, planning, organized work, and coordination.

Packaging designer

Although, in theory, they fall under visual identity products, packaging needs a particular designer due to its hypersensitivity. By this, we do not mean shopping bags or product containers only. Still, we mean boxes, bottles, cans, and everything that can be a container for products, so milk bottles, perfume bottles, and bottles Medicines, and soda bottles… are all bottles, but are the design and labels the same? Should we distinguish it from the size and the colors affixed to it? Yes, we should. Now, designers can make mockup designs for the packaging. Of course, this must be accompanied by an excellent knowledge of printing and industrial design, as the plan here is closely related to the manufacturing process.

Motion graphic designer

A new type of design that is part of a more extensive process that involves a kind of designer who has an overdose of art that qualifies them to draw characters and fit them into the work at hand, as it dances the ropes between art and marketing, how can the designer here be a painter capable of creating characters and atmospheres And others, this must require the talent of drawing in the beginning, the vast imagination, skillfully working within a team that will make a work of art from A to Z, able to harmonize with all team members and melt with them and fuse their ideas to produce one consistent, harmonious and artistic work.

Environmental design

This type is not intended as eco-design, although it does not conflict with it; at the same time, it overlaps a little, or perhaps a lot, with architecture and interior design; it adds the special touches to improve the experience of visitors to places and make private spaces smarter, more forgettable and exciting, and facilitates Walk in it and navigate between its corners, it is a vast scale and an endless sea. It becomes more complex the more extensive the space and environmental design is associated, for example, with wallpaper, interior designs for stores, events,conferences, signage, and even visual signs, for example, the paintings that are hung. On the toilets distinguishing men from women is the responsibility of the environmental designer, and his role is to maintain balance, harmony, and harmony between all the elements of these spaces.

After we talked about the types of designers, now, my dear, you can communicate with the Ocoda team, which consists of all these types and more. Do not hesitate to request your design from us and discuss your perception of it with our team, and we will recommend the appropriate designer who will be able to embody your perceptions.