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Our SEO services are one of the most important aspects of our digital marketing work, and they are also our most important areas of activity, as they can contribute to your success in a short period of time.


SEO service with code for design and marketing services is an ideal service for your company, it can benefit from constant and high-quality traffic. This process takes place as part of our ongoing monitoring to ensure that your website complies with the latest algorithms and is always displayed at the top of search results.

Website creation package

Website creation package

SEO services

  • Complete analysis of your site
  • Keyword analysis
  • Image optimization
  • Meta Optimization
  • Upload a sitemap
  • Create an Analytics account to monitor site performance
  • Create a search console account.
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Business package

Business package

SEO services

  • Analyze competitors
  • find strengths and weaknesses and take advantage of them.
  • Manage your site in search engines.
  • Make a keyword plan.
  • Adding your site to webmasters ( Google Search console-Bing search console )
  • Upload the sitemap of the site.
  • Add Google Tag Manager to your site.
  • Configure the site internally.
  • Configure the site externally and add high-quality backlinks relevant to your site.
  • Add content to section pages.
  • The number of words is 6/8 words.
  • Add Google Analytics to your site. .
  • Provide monthly reports on the performance of the site.
  • A work plan every 3 months
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SEO services

Optimize search engines for your site on Google at a price starting from 2000 SAR


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we offer a range of innovative design and marketing solutions, we draw up a complete plan filled with creativity and perfect planning, where we start with you the way from the step of searching for an idea, through the stage of study and planning, ending with the stage of implementation and finishing touches.




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