7 types of logos..and how to use each type

7 types of logos..and how to use each type

7 types of logos..and how to use each type

1 year ago
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Whether the designer or the user, he can easily identify the types of logos, at least he will distinguish 3 or 4 types, which are permutations and combinations of images, symbols, letters and words, which are the components of any logo, whether one component will be used or several components will be mixed, it takes some art, And the indispensable professional touch, and of course a deep understanding of the concept and function of the logo, because the logo is not only a beautiful symbol, but must be appropriate to the nature of the business, expressive, easy to remember, fully consistent with the personality of the brand and able to express it, so after Knowing the types of logos we must also know how to use them, and what brands are suitable for each type, now buckle up and let’s take you on a journey through the logos, ready?


1- The first types of logos: letters

It is very easy to distinguish this type, any logo consists of letters only, and these letters do not form sentences, but each letter is pronounced separately, and is necessarily an abbreviation for the name of the company or the names of its founders, such as IBM, MBC, NASA and others, as the first letter is one of the first words Companies, companies resort to this to define the brand, which is completely typography-based, that is.

It depends on writing letters in an artistic way, and is able to carry the company’s messages and directions through these letters and this style of writing, and depends largely on making logos easy to stay in memory and memorable To a large extent, and therefore the letters should be clear and prominent and easy to read from a distance, and if the brand is not famous, and known to everyone, you will need a line to identify it under the logo.

2- Brand name (only)

You open it every day, to find the logo that consists only of the brand name, whose letters are lined up in different colors, so what is it? Yes, it is Google, one of the most important current brands of a giant company, controlling a large part of the Internet space around the world. The logo is so simple, which despite the changes over the past years, still retains its utter simplicity to the extent that the font written in the letters is almost basic without any Typograph, this was the biggest example of the logo being the name of the brand without anything else, do you remember.

For example, the grocery store on your street when you were young, for example, he wrote “Freedom Grocery” or “The Trust Store” very simply, it seems that Google does not depend much On the logo, because it has already been able to pass it into the home and pocket of almost everyone in the world, as well as Visa, Coca-Cola, Facebook and Netflix, but the font used in each one is different, the sharpness of the technical places, intertwined with Coca-Cola in line with its messages that suggest friendship and coalition, Heavy in legal agencies, and thin sharp in fashion companies to indicate thinness, grace and silky texture.

3- Icon

This is probably the most common form in the types of logos for brands, and it is preferred by brand owners in particular, and it is a great challenge for designers as well, to have a symbol or icon that is able to convey and spread your brand until it reaches the horizons, who does not like the “true” mark Nike, Apple’s nibbled apple of luxury and class, isn’t the light blue bird a reference to Twitter without even mentioning its name, the icon here is the currency you promote for people to buy your brand, you create a unique and simple symbol It’s memorable versus making this symbol mentally associated with your brand directly, using elements that are already in their environment, so taking advantage of these things can pay off if done correctly.

4- Abstract

In contrast to the iconic or using the symbol in real people to become the logo of the brands, the abstract comes in the types of logos to create its own symbol, and to be exclusively the sign of the brand, from the Pepsi circle with its blue, red and white colors, to the three triangles of adidas that make up a unique mountain The shape, and simple at the same time, we find that the logos here manipulated geometric or non-geometric shapes to create an association that did not exist before in the minds of their customers, of course this would be a big risk, but it would be stronger and more effective, and the examples are long and numerous, for example the yellow and red circles with their color combination in The center of the Master Card, or the geometrically tightly divided white and blue circle in the BMW car brand, the circle with the three-pointed axle in its competitor Mercedes and many, many more, we can say that brands that create an abstract logo are based on a change of culture in society, but rather in the world, and therefore invents its unique symbol without any cultural references to a specific society, continent or region, see in your head all the brands To adopt an abstract logo, you will understand our intent.

5- The mascot

The most striking example of the type of logo that we euphemistically call “the mascot” s the brand of fried chicken “KFC” with the mascot of fortune, the founder of the brand, Colonel Sanders, who is considered the ambassador and marketing symbol of the company, which has become its mascot and the face of its logo so far, despite the passage of more than 40 years after his death, but nevertheless, he became the most famous in the “the mascot”, and if we want another example, we have the Pringles brand, which Mr. Pringles personally leads with his famous mustache, and the goal of this type of logo is to humanize the brand and bring the distances between it and consumers, And the shortening of time in its association with the minds of customers, it says that the brand has a real and human personality like you, and here it is on its logo, the most important question: will consumers like the personality of the brand? Or will he hate it? A great adventure indeed, but the results are well worth it.

6- combination

The combination of the text and the symbol, is an affirmation of the brand, that it owns the symbol as well as the brand name. We can say that this method or this type of logo is a safe area, where there is no gambling in the luck amulet, or the responsibility of imposing the culture of the mark The commercial itself on the audience, not in line with its culture, such as the quality of abstract logos, the most prominent examples of which are Burger King, Lacoste, and Doritos.

7- The  emblem

An emblem is like a seal. A logo is for something more than just a brand. We could think of it as an army flag. It is often framed or inside a geometric shape that makes you feel the brand’s luxury, if you Want to understand more? Check out the Starbucks or Warner bros logos and you’ll understand what we mean.


Now that we have reviewed the types of logos, we would like to tell you that at Ocoda we can implement all of these types, and we have a portfolio of samples for all of these types, so feel free to contact us directly if you want to design your professional company logo.